The Liquid Fuels Wholesalers Association Of South Africa (LFWA)

“The wholesaler – moving product from the refinery to the market, this includes
retailers and the commercial market.“


It is recognised that the post-apartheid economic transformation of the Liquid Fuels industry has not delivered the transformation results that were desired. That;

A new deal to shared prosperity with meaningful economic participation for all South Africans in all of the ring fenced areas of the Liquid Fuels industry is urgently required. The Liquid fuels industry is highly concentrated in urban areas linked to the current pricing models which creates huge barriers to entry. i.e. a pricing model that creates two separate economies – one which over recovers in Urban areas and one which under recovers in non-urban areas.

This has created a particular emphasis on the lack of structural transformation in non – urban areas.
The LFWA is intimately involved in the Alignment with the Liquid Fuels Industry and the B-BBEE codes of good practise; this includes participation in the Liquid Fuels Industry Charter Council and various work teams. Most of the LFWA members who far exceed the current B=BBEE requirement –we encourage all Independent Wholesalers to at least meet the B-BBEE requirements